served from 7:30pm to 9pm (on the first friday and saturday of each month)

For two evenings only, menus change each month according to market and seasonal availability, the chef humour, or may simply follow a theme.

You will find several choices of starters, main courses (including fish) and home-made desserts.

If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies, please allow us a minimum of 72 hours prior to service in order to provide further suitable options.

Booking advisable


Starter + Mains -OR- Mains + Dessert (excl. drinks)



Starter + Mains + Dessert (excl. drinks)


2020 Menus

It is no doubt a colourful and chaotic Indian festival but at FUSION, we will have you discover the treasures of its cuisine of blended spices.

Associating the flavours of the sea and those of the land is an art! This marriage brings a delicate and original touch to our april menu.

Come to rediscover what nature brings us, it's all about plants and flowers, foraging and in our veggie garden. A trend we cannot ignore. Do mind the dates of this menu postponed by a week!

Find famous songs about food turned into fine dining dishes. Find the menu at the reception of the restaurant and start humming them!