served from noon to 2pm

Our menus are prepared to not only satisfy one's taste buds but also for those with limited time (for your shorter lunch breaks weekdays)… You will find several choices of starters (including one vegetarian), mains (fish, meat and poultry) and home made desserts. Please be aware that the menu or a single dish may change at any time depending on availability and order.

Thank you for booking the KID Menu (for children under 10 years old) as the meal is prepared fresh.

If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies, please allow us a minimum of 3 hours prior to service in order to provide further suitable options.


Starter + Mains -OU- Mains + Dessert (excl. drinks)

16€/pers (weekday excl. PH)


Starter + Mains + Dessert (excl. drinks)

19€/pers (weekday excl. PH)


DAILY MAINS : monday to friday (excl. PH)


KID (-10 year old)

Mains + Side + Dessert + Fruit Juice

14€/child (weekday excl PH)