Friday, Saturday & Sunday, from 6:30pm to 8:15pm*

With the recent announcement, we will organise our DRIVE THROUGH once again by offering a range HOT ready-meals ( see list below ) of gourmet burgers and ready meal options, FRIDAY, SATURDAY and SUNDAY evenings.

(*) Last order : 7:30pm.

You have the possibility to add onto your order other ready-meals prepared for the boutique - within their availability - that you will be able to reheat by yourself ( see link deli ) as well as drinks.


The burgers and ready meals are prepared as fresh as possible depending on market availability and in a limited quantity however please be assured that should not be any shortages. These should be consumed preferably right away or within 24 hours of its production by warming up at home.

We ensure that choices are diverse, balanced and as moorish for everyone, but with a key emphasis to keep our pricing as low and affordable.

Please ensure to refresh this page for any changes or new item before placing your order.

Our dishes may be subject to the presence of substances or ingredients causing certain allergies ou intolerances – if in doubt, please consult with the chef for the food allergenes.

For all other or more personnalised requests, please contact management.

FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY : from 6:30pm to 8:15pm

Our range of food is prepared fresh daily with no artificial flavours or additives from selected quality ingredients and produce.

We regret that you are unable to order online but only BY TELEPHONE no later than 7:30pm on each day.

Drive through : thank you for remainng in your vehicle if you have placed your order by telephone. We will bring the food directly to you.

Only 1 person accepted in the boutique if you have not done your payment by telephone. Hydro alcoolic hand gel provided. Thorough desinfectation before and after each visit.

Thank you for carrying your certificate and using the appropriate preventive gestures at all times. Wearing a mask is compulsory on our gounds.

For drive-through pick ups, the payment will be done by credit card (telephone authorisation) at the time of your order.

At the deli, by CONTACT FREE card preferably for any purchases below 50€ otherwise all safety precautions will be taken for all other payment methods.

Burgers & Street Good

Updated 30/10/2020 10:30

Category Choices Tarif Description Notes
BURGER BRIXTON € 15,00 Cereals Bun, Black Angus Beef (150g), Smoked Bacon, Cheddar, Bacon Jam, Caramelised Onions. Accompaniments : London Salad, Potato Wedges Origin FR
BURGER BANGALORE € 15,00 Bretzel Bun, Breadcrumbed Turkey Escalope (125g), Mango Carpaccio, Mixed Veggies, Indian Spiced Chutnet. Accompaniments : Carrot Cumin Salad, Sweet Potato Fries Origin FR
WRAP BAYOU € 15,00 Tomato Wrap, Pulled Pork (125g), BBQ Smoked Chipotle Sauce, Grilled Onions, Tomato, Emmental. Accompanimments: Cajun Salad, Corn on the Cob, Sweet Potato Frie Origin FR
BURGER BANGALORE € 15,00 Squid Ink Bun, Salmon & White Fish Galette (110g), Smoked Trout, Algae Mayo, Gherkin, Red Onion. Accompaniments : Salmon Pearl Pasta, Potato Wedges
BURGER BANGALORE € 15,00 Multigrains Bun, Millet & Bulgur Oriental Spiced Patty (100g), Carrot & Quinoa Hummus, Grilled Peppers. Accompaniments : Zesty Tabbouleh, Sweet Potato Fries vegetarian
WINGS SANTA FE € 13,00 Chicken Drumlets (6 pieces) Lightly Breadcrumbed in Paprika, Ranch Sauce. Accompaniments : Cowboy Salad, Potato Wedges

Hot Ready Meal & Others

Updated 22/11/2020 23:00

Category Choices Tarif Description Notes
MAINS ABERDEEN € 15,00 FISH'N'CHIPS : Corn Flaked Cod (120g) & Crispy Prawns, Tartare Sauce. Accompaniments: Coleslaw Salad, Potato Wedges
MAINS TODAY € 14,00 WEEKEND SPECIAL : Turkey Schnitzal Mustard & Cranberry Sauce. Accompaniments: Mixed Veggies Origin: FR
DESSERT CHOCO € 1,50 BROWNIE : Chocolate, Caramel & Pecan (80g)
DESSERT ICE CREAM € 2,50 ICE CREAM : choices, Vanilla (51g) -or- Chocolate (56g) -or- Mango (65g) MOEVENPICK
DESSERT VERRINE € 4,00 BAVAROIS : Pumpkin & Orange Blossom
DRINK GINGER € 3,00 Alcohol-Free (33cl) : BUNDABERG Ginger Sparkling Water Australia
DRINK LATITUDE € 4,00 BEER (33cl 6%) : LA BOUSSOLE IPA organic amber France
DRINK ESCALE € 4,00 BEER (33cl 4%) : LA BOUSSOLE IPA organic white France
DRINK VINO € 7,00 RED WINE (75cl 14%) : Shiraz 'Posh Possum' Australia